Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Hacking the Rowan tee

Do you like hacking patterns? I always love to shake things up or add some detail, just to make it more personal. But is it possible to hack the Rowan tee (pattern by titchythreads)? This pattern has a whole range of fantastic options already, but yes, there's always something to change or add.
This tee is in fact my go to pattern in case I need to make something different, for example sewing a costume ( I just finished a Robin Hood costume today using the Rowan tee pattern twice).

rowan tee with a cowl neckBut I'm not blogging costumes today, I just made a nice tee with an added cowl neck, that deserves a little blog time. I used the famous dark green swan jersey  by Nosh Organics, and matched it with black ribbing. I really love this shade of green and my blonde dude looks great in it!

rowan tee with a cowl neckrowan tee with a cowl neckThe fabric I used in this post was given to me by Nosh Organics as part of a co-operation, all opinions are as always honest and my own.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

threefold Ziggy fun

Hey all, at has been a while since my last entry here. Are you still out there reading blogs? I realise IG is increasingly becoming my favourite social media. Can you relate?
But I can't totally ignore my little corner of the blogosphere, because this is where the fun started, right? So let's give it a go and see where 2018 will take us.

ziggy top (madeitpatterns)

My January started with a renewed love for my sewing machine and a renewed love for the Ziggy top by Madeit Patterns. It has been ages since I last made one, but this pattern really is the perfect blank canvas, you can let your creativity run wild and hack and add as much as you like. I ended up sewing three Ziggy tops. I added cuffs to all of them and did some sleeve colourblocking. The boys love these oversized boxy sweatshirts and so do I!

ziggy top (madeit patterns)

Okay, so, from left to right, first up a Ziggy for my youngest in Nosh Organics olive and navy sweatshirting and navy-vanilla striped ribbing. I added some colourblocking to the sleeves and that turned out pretty cool. I think I like this version best.

ziggy top (madeit patterns)
Number two is yet again made with Nosh fabrics in a plum-navy striped sweatshirting with navy ribbingHave I ever told you Nosh ribbing is just the best? Great quality, good stretch recovery, it makes sewing with knits so easy! My youngest is all about purple and blue, so he really loves this sweater.

ziggy top (madeit patterns)And my oldest got a Ziggy too, just plain and simple, yet oh so gorgeous in blue. I bought this sweatshirt material last year during Amsterdam Sew Social at the Albert Cuyp market (I forgot the storename, sorry) and finally used the last piece this month. The cuffs and neckband are yet again Nosh ribbing.

So there it is, kickstarting 2018 with a lot of sewing and even blogging. wow!

The fabric I used in this post on the first two sweaters was given to me by Nosh Organics as part of a co-operation, all opinions are as always honest and my own.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Winter is coming, onesies to the rescue!

Winter is coming... slowly (unlike our southern neigbours who had quite some snow over the last days.. oh I'm jealous!) but it's coming. We did some carwindow ice scratching this week, there's a lot of cold icy fog outside and the fieldhockey season switched to indoor training. That means a whole month of sleeping in in the weekend, pottering about, no need to go outside. Perfect timing to sew up that pile of gorgeous Nosh Organics sweatshirting

This navy-plum striped and navy single colour sweatshirting and matching navy and plum striped ribbing were waiting for a special project, a Wolf onesie. Wolf is a zonen09 pyjama pattern with a huge amount of options, but I added another, the rowan tee hood (titchythreads pattern). I love the construction of that hood with the three parts, ideal for some fun colourblocking. The hood matches perfectly with the colourblocking options of the onesie pattern.

Just look at those stripes, isn't that pretty?

And because it wouldn't be fair to sew only one, I made two and the kids love them! I think it's going to be hard to get them out the door in the weekends at all.

Well, I can't blame them, the fog hasn't cleared yet.

The fabric I used in this post was given to me by Nosh Organics as part of a co-operation, all opinions are as always honest and my own.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Hey Inês, surprise surprise, we're celebrating your style and wonderful smile by sewing something  Inês inspired! I hope you're enjoying this crazy ride with "Inespiration"- makings popping up all over the sewing blogger community. Oh and if you're reading along and aren't Inês, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about, Inês is the lovely lady behind La Folie where she shares her gorgeous sewing  projects.

Okay, sewing something inspired by Inês. At first I just wanted to copy this fantastic hooded striped groove dress, it really is one of my favourites, but my boys weren't to keen on wearing a dress and I'm probably just a bit too old to wear an item like that.

So I decided on a different angle. We all know (and share) her love for Nosh organics fabrics, that was an easy starting point and I know she likes using wovens for knit patterns and vice versa. So I tried the same and here it is, a cappucino tunic (a Liesl + Co pattern) in Nosh's fantasy blue jersey. The hack worked like a charm, especially with this nice jersey quality.

Okay, now I'm just missing a picture with a big Inês-like smile, here it is, I tried!

Ha but that's not all, go check out what the others came up with, just follow the links and tumble down the rabbit hole!

The fabric I used in this post was given to me by Nosh Organics as part of a co-operation, all opinions are as always honest and my own.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Nosh shorts, the love song

(add a Mozes & the Firstbone tune)

I made shorts
I made shorts,
with gorgeous Nosh Organics
I made shorts
I made shorts,
with gorgeous Nosh Organics

Nosh organics sweatshirting shorts

Now you got it stuck in your head too, you're welcome! So let's skip the singing and go for the sewing and talk fabric because I love my new shorts!

Zo, een " hoofdhang lied"  speciaal voor jullie, graag gedaan! Genoeg gezongen? Laten we het dan hebben over mijn nieuwe korte broek.

Nosh organics sweatshirting shortsThese are the prefontaine shorts by Made with Moxie in loopback sweatshirting you can find in the Nosh Organics shop. This fabric is so good! It's soft, warm, with just the right amount of stretch and the perfect structure for shorts. I'm really lucky to be be included in the Nosh blogger community and try these organic fabrics.

Ik maakte de prefontaine shorts van Made with Moxie in loopback sweatshirting van Nosh Organics, je kan deze stof hier vinden in de shop. Deze sweatshirt stof is echt zalig. Warm, zacht, precies genoeg rek en een fijne stevige structuur die ideaal is voor broeken. Ik ben een mazzelaar dat ik deze organische stoffen mag proberen als blogger in de Nosh community. 

Nosh organics sweatshirting shortsOh, I almost forgot to mention the trim on these shorts, it's Nosh ribbing. If you have a little of fear of sewing jersey and especially ribbed necklines (as I did when I started sewing), please do try this ribbing, it has a really good stretch recovery and doesn't get "wobbly".

Oh en ik vergeet bijna de boordstof te vermelden! Mocht je wat huiverig zijn voor het naaien met tricot en vooral het gebruik van boordstof, probeer dan vooral de ribbing van Nosh. De boordstof veert goed terug na het uitrekken en zorgt ervoor dat je halslijn niet gaat lubberen. Ik gebruikte de navy boordstof bij deze broek als afwerking van de randen en zakken. 

Nosh organics sweatshirting shorts
I used this blue vibrant sweatshirting before on the lane raglan blogged here. Unfortunately it's raining outside, so no pretty beach pictures and just my smooth grey floor and white wall backdrop. No problem tough, I like to wear shorts, even when it's raining, just throw on a hoodie and go!
You'll probably spot some more vibrant blue shorts around here or on IG soon because my boys like sweatshirt shorts too!

Ik gebruikte deze prachtige blauwe sweatshirt stof al eerder voor een lane raglan. Helaas regent het nu buiten, dus geen mooie strandfoto's maar mijn grijze vloer en witte muren als achtergrond. Geen probleem, ik draag ook graag korte broeken als het regent, gewoon een capuchontrui erbij aan en gaan!Er volgen hier of op IG zeer binnenkort nog wel meer blauwe shorts want mijn jongens dragen ook graag "zachte korte broeken" .

Nosh organics sweatshirting shorts

The fabric I used in this post was given to me by Nosh Organics, all opinions are as always honest and my own.
De stof in deze post kreeg ik van Nosh Organics, zoals altijd geef ik mijn eerlijke mening.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bobbinhood meets Amsterdam Sew Social and I knitted sweatpants?

The Sew Social incrowd came together again around a month ago and I totally forgot to share, time to catch up and tell you all about it. This year we had a more slimmed down version of Paris Sew Social and London Sew Social, it was just friends, fun, food, more food, oh and drinks, just a bit of fabric and last but not least, a workshop by Bobbinhood!

Enige tijd geleden kwam de Sew Social clan weer bij elkaar en bij deze laat ik jullie graag nog even meegenieten. We hadden dit jaar een rustigere versie van de Paris Sew Social en London Sew Social. veel gezelligheid, lekker eten, nog meer lekker eten, drankjes, een beetje stof shoppen en lest best, een workshop door Bobbinhood

You can't have missed Barbara and her mission to let us all enjoy the fun of creating our own fabric without pollution and child labour. She gives workshops but you can also order a screenprinting kit in her shop and try it yourself. A warning, it's addictive! The possibilities are endless. I've blogged about a couple of my projects already, and many more can be found on IG.

Het zal de meeste van jullie niet ontgaan zijn dat Barbara op een missie is om ons te laten genieten van het creëren van je eigen stoffen, zonder chemicaliën en kinderarbeid.Ze geeft workshops maar je kan ook een kit bestellen om thuis mee aan de slag te gaan. Een kleine waarschuwing, het is zeer verslavend. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.  Ik blogde al eerder enkele projectjes en meer zijn er te zien op mijn IG

free baggy trousers pattern, Nosh Organics
During the workshop I wanted to try something different, I had my mind set on making some sort of nordic sweater pattern. You've probably seen those cosy sweaters with multiple colours in horizontal rows with different shapes (usually with snowflakes and reindeer in them).
During the workshop I started "knitting"my print and made something similar (without the snowflakes and reindeer) Well, that took a lot of time! I made two sheets with different patterns and started printing them on the full width of my fabric. It's quite hard to place them perfectly next to eachother so the print goes on, but I succeeded ! Yay!

Tijdens de workshop wilde ik graag iets nieuws proberen en ik had het idee een patroon van een Noorse trui te maken. je kent ze wel, die knusse truien met meerdere kleuren in horizontale banen met verschillende printjes (vaak met sneeuwvlokken en rendieren).
Dus ik begon te "breien" en maakte een vergelijkbaar patroon (maar dan zonder de sneeuwvlokken en rendieren) het kostte me behoorlijk wat tijd! Ik maakte uiteindelijk twee sheets met verschillende patronen en printte ze over de hele breedte van mijn stof. Het perfect naast elkaar plaatsen van de print was nog best lastig, maar het resultaat mag er best zijn.
free baggy trousers pattern, Nosh Organics

Barbara brought ink in a whole range of colours and with some mixing and matching I ended up with exactly the colours I envisioned; faded blues and greys, the perfect match for my blue "blank canvas".

Barbara had een heel scala aan gekleurde inkt bij zich en met wat mixen kwam ik precies op de kleuren uit die ik voor ogen had, lichte blauw- en grijstinten, de perfecte match voor mijn blauwe sweaterstof.

free baggy trousers pattern, Nosh OrganicsSo what did I make with my knitted fabric? Sweatpants! I knitted sweatpants! I used the free baggy trousers pattern by Nosh Organics that I planned to make for quite some time now. The pattern is nice and baggy with a low crotch. I can picture my oldest in these in winter time, curled up on the couch, hot coco, some snowflakes outside... no reindeer here though.

Van mijn vers geprinte stof maakte ik een joggingbroek met het gratis baggy trousers patroon van Nosh Organics. Een lekkere ruime broek met een verlaagd kruis en kangaroozak. Ik kan me al helemaal voorstellen hoe mijn oudste in de winter in deze broek lekker opgekruld op de bank zit, met warme choco en de sneeuw buiten.. helaas zonder rendieren. 

free baggy trousers pattern, Nosh Organics

Do hop over to the other sewsocialists and check out their prints and makings. And thanks again Barbara for this fun workshop! We enjoyed it! Cheers!

Vergeet ook niet een kijkje te nemen bij de prints de rest van de sew socialist crew! En Barbara, nogmaals dank voor de fantastische workshop, we hebben er echt van genoten! Cheers!

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Amsterdam Sew Social

(And credits to Pienkel for the group picture!)