Friday, 22 August 2014

Back to school sewing, Kudzu cargo pants & Ziggy top

One down, a lot more to go. The rascals are in desperate need of new clothes. I made a pair of Kudzu cargo pants for little rascal in a size 3. It's the second time I used this pattern by willow & co and this time I made an alteration to the waistband. Instead of ribbing I used a full elastic band. Unfortunately my elastic was 2cm smaller than the intended waistband so I added 2 cm to the other patternpieces to compensate. It worked out fine, they fit perfectly!
I paired the pants with the Ziggy top bij Madeit patterns. I really like this oversized, boxy silhouette. It's very comfy and to make it even better, also a very quick sew.

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top

knee pleats on the kudzu cargo pants

kudzu cargo pants with elastic waistband

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday whereabouts

Wednesday, we've got the whole afternoon to ourselves and with the rain outside it was the perfect time to do some crafting. I followed the example of this pin and draw some frames on paper, so the rascals could make their own masterpieces. Good for an hour of fun.

kids craft, drawing

kids craft, drawing

kids craft, drawing

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Summer treasure bags

I can't believe summer is over already, hope you all enjoyed it! Tomorrow it's back to school & work.
This weekend I updated our holiday journal with our camping adventures. I made the rascals little bags for their summer treasures because boys will be boys and they like collecting rocks, seashells, etc. Do you guys keep your holiday memorabilia?

holiday journal and treasure bags

summer treasure bags

Back to school also made me realise that big rascal is in desperate need of new clothes, somehow he has outgrown all his pants over the summer and the shorts wearing weather will soon be over. So next couple of weeks will probably be all about skinnies, joggers and cargopants over here. Willow & Co patterns is also hosting a back to school sewing contest, a good and fun motivation to get some necessary sewing done!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hooded towels

Over 2 years ago, I made big rascal a hooded towel, perfect along the poolside or at the beach. I finally got around making little rascal one as well. Both hooded towels are made with old duvet covers.

hooded towelshooded towels

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Recycled prefontaine shorts

Next item in my selfmade summer wardrobe is a pair of prefontaine shorts, a pattern by Made with Moxie (again from the perfect pattern parcel #3).  I did some recycling by using an old crib sheet, just like the staple dress I made last week.  It's a pair of shorts with a nice loose fit, perfect for the hot summer days we're having now.

prefontaine shorts (pattern made with moxie)

prefontaine shorts (pattern made with moxie)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Recycled staple dress

Today I'd like to share my first item of the perfect pattern parcel #3. I'm trying to make my own summer wardrobe this year and first up is the staple dress, a pattern by April Rhodes. After measuring I decided to make a muslin first (size medium) out of some old white cribsheets. I made the version with the straight hem, skipped the pockets and did an alteration to the shirring. By lack of elastic thread I sewed a biastape to the wrong side of the dress and inserted some normal elastic. The dress turned out to be a perfect fit! I love it so much I decided the muslin is very wearable too, it just needed a different colour so I dyed it grey. I'm convinced this dress will be worn a lot. It's very comfortable, perfect for chasing after my boys on warm summer days and at the same time quite fashionable. Love it!

staple dress, a pattern by April Rhodes, perfect pattern parcel #3

staple dress, a pattern by April Rhodes, perfect pattern parcel #3

staple dress, a pattern by April Rhodes, perfect pattern parcel #3

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Last minute diy pirate costume

So tomorrow is the last day of school before summer! At our school that means time to dress up. Up till now big rascal wasn't too fond of costumes, especially when it involved capes or hats. So I tried to keep it simple and asked him what he wanted to be. A pirate! Lucky me, that's an easy one. I made him a black vest out of knit and a white muscle tee underneath. I skipped the eyepatch  but did add a red bandana. Combined with these shorts  he looks quite the pirate.

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