Saturday 1 November 2014

Sewing something small, baby jumpsuit

It's been a while, but today I had the chance to sew something baby again! I made a little jumpsuit with an envelope neck (pattern Kiind) for the son of one of my (former) colleagues. It was fun sewing up something tiny but in the back of my mind I feared the finishing step, attaching the snaps.
All my previous projects including snaps turned out a bit of a disaster. Either the snaps would come loose or they refused to close at all. So I paid extra care to the snaps, and yay they close up good and it's possible to open them without pulling the entire snap out of the fabric.
Just a little downside, I was so occupied by attaching them firmly, I managed to turn a couple of them upside down... aaaargh. Luckily Mr. Rascal removed the upside down snaps without too much damage, thanks love!
Just for fun I added a toy pillow for the little guy, my followers on Instagram have seen this before, it's made out of old curtain samples.

huisje boompje boefjes- baby jumpsuit (pattern kiind)
huisje boompje boefjes- toy car

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