Monday 27 June 2016

Emergency sports gear, the upcycle stash to the rescue!

Hello blog, it's been a while! Somehow a month just flew by and although I did some sewing, the spirit to blog was lacking. Let's change that, because there will be some fun things happening around here this week and there's something in it for you too! But today it's just a little show and tell to get back in the blogging groove.

domi sweat shorts and safari raglan
My boys recently started field hockey and they're loving it! Last weekend they had their first little family team tournament and I realised we were seriously lacking sports gear around here.
I pulled some old jogger pants and a black tee out of my upcycle stash and made a pair of Domi Sweat shorts (pattern by Sofilantjes) and a Safari raglan (pattern by Titchythreads). Simple and effective! And the tournament? We came graciously in last place and my muscles are still aching....

domi sweat shorts and safari raglan

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