Friday 6 December 2013

Free boy patterns top 5 on friday

It has been a slow sewing week over here (although I've something in store for you tomorrow), therefore a different kind of blogpost. Do you have favorite patterns for the kids? Garments you make over and over again in different fabrics and colour? Today I'll share my top 5 free boy patterns.

1 Small fry skinny jeans by Craftstorming. This pattern is in a 2T and I just love the fit on my oldest.

2 Basic Kid pants by Made. Pants with a good fit (also 2T) and a lot of extra options (pockets, knee pads, shorts, lining)

3 Blooms and bugs raglan. Also a free 2T pattern. I made a lot of these raglans already and altered the pattern to my own liking, but the basic fit is good.

4 Harem pants by Tussen HAAKjes, easily adaptable to all sizes (I've even made one for myself), perfect for summertime!

5 Slouch beanie by Max California. A really quick and easy sew, and so much fun to wear in different fabrics and colours.

I'd love to discover more free patterns, tips anyone?


  1. Ik vertrek hier: en kijk dan waar ik uiteindelijk terechtkom... Of ik doe inspiratie op bij andere blogs die gratis patronen gebruiken ;-)

    1. Thx trijnewijn! Die lijst had ik inderdaad ook ooit gepind, ik ga hem weer eens doorsnuffelen, nieuwe ideeën op doen :)


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