Thursday 6 February 2014

Project run and play sew along, signature style

Last week of project run & play and I'm so glad I decided to sew along! This week is all about your own signature style.Well the clothes I make for my rascals have a couple of things in common. First of all, I like comfortable, practical clothes for everyday use, so they can play, run around and get dirty. Mostly in shades of blue, grey, black or stripes (I do love stripes!), colours I'd like to wear myself.
I also like a quick result, something I can sew up during nap time (unfortunately little rascal has decided he doesn't need naps anymore). Bestseller items they like to wear, and  I like seeing on them are skinny jeans and raglan shirts or sweaters.

For this week's challenge I planned making outfits for both of them.
For little rascal a pair of pants based on the small fry skinny jeans pattern, but I skipped the pockets and the half fly, added a full elastic waistband and cuffs. On top a  recess raglan and a two coloured sleeveless hooded vest with the lining of the hood in the same fabric as the recess raglan sleeves (I made pictures, so a little tutorial for the vest will follow next week).

For his big brother I wanted to make another small fry skinny, using the same grey stretch denim as for the first week's challenge. I cut all the pattern pieces and had some fun with textile paint. Unfortunately I just didn't have time to put it together. So here is a preview, I'll share his look next week, stay tuned!


  1. Leuk, goed bezig! Ben benieuwd naar de spikkeltjesbroek :-)

  2. Love the vest - I'll be looking out for the tute! My little boy would love it too (anything without sleeves...)

  3. geweldig toffe broek en de andere broek-in-wording ziet er ook veelbelovend uit!

  4. WAUW wat een knappe outfit!! Liefs, Me

  5. Love your personal style. =)

  6. That is awesome!! I'm excited for the tutorial!!

    1. Thanks Karly, I loved your outfits this week! I hope my boys still let me sew for them when they have your son's age :)


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