Wednesday 9 April 2014

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award, thank you so much Elke! I must admit I've read the term a couple of times before, but had to google to discover more. This award is designed for smaller blogs to learn more about the person behind them. The rules if you accept? List11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 given questions and pay it forward. Okay let's face it, it's a chain letter, but a fun one! So here we go!

First up, 11 random facts:
1 Living in Amsterdam
2 Mother of 2 boys (2010 & 2012)
3 Always carrying around my camera
4 First time at a sewing machine ever was making a pillowcase in 2012
5 Love going to music festivals
6 Pondering over a new kitchen right now
7 Still have to paint the stairway that was put in 2 years ago
8 Love to read but can't pick a favorite book
9 Have a lot of cookbooks but never use them
10 Definitely a coffee person
11 One of my favorite songs is good riddance by Greenday

1 Why did you start blogging?
This current blog is not my first one. I used to have a website a couple of years ago because I wanted to learn how to build them. I started this blog just for the purpose of sharing the things I make and to get inspired by other bloggers. 

2 What is your go to pattern?
At this moment it is the recess raglan by see kate sew. Great fit, easy sew, maximum result (my kind of sewing).

3 How many hours a week do you spend behind your sewing machine?
Probably around 6 hours a week.

4 Which country or continent would you like to discover?

5 How many yards of fabric are there in your closet?

My stack of fabric isn't that big, but I do have a closet filled with old clothes for repurposing. There's a lot of recycling going on around here.

6 What's your favorite movie?
I'm more of a series watcher, so I'll name my favorite series: dr Who! Although Sherlock is a very close runner up. Sherlock meets dr Who? That would be great, thanks Steven Moffat!

7 Tent, caravan, cottage or hotel?
Definitely the camping type! We used to travel around with a small tent, but now we enjoy the luxury of a caravan. that's so much more practical with the rascals.

8 You can wake me up for:
Taking a road trip

9 What's the last thing you photographed?
The rascals on their little John Deere, crossing around the playground.

10 Do you have a motto?
I'm not very good at oneliners but I think "Go for it!" comes pretty close. 

11 What's your favorite city for shopping?
Hmm, the world wide web isn't a city, right? Than I stick with my hometown Amsterdam.

Okay now the last step, I nominate Pienkel, as a long time real life friend I already know a lot about her, let's see if she surprises me with her answers :)

Pienkel, the questions I have for you:
1 Name your top three favorite blogs
2 What does your dream house look like?
3 What is the best blog post you've written so far (in your opinion)?
4 Why did you start blogging?
5 What is the last thing you photographed?
6 What makes you laugh out loud?
7 What is your favorite social media?

8 What is your favorite book?
9 Coffee or tea?
10 Where would you like to travel?
11 What is your alltime favorite band or song?


  1. Leuk om te lezen dat je al lang bevriend bent met Pienkel, is dat ook het geval met de andere twee organiseersters van Naaikrans 2.0?

    1. Hey, nee die heb ik pas recent en alleen nog "online" ontmoet :)


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