Thursday 15 May 2014

Kudzu cargo shorts, a Willow & Co pattern

As soon as the glamping collection by Willow & Co was introduced I had my mind set on both the Hawthorn sweatshirt and the Kudzu cargo pants. I was selected to test the Hawthorn (yay!) and on top of that the very generous designers of Willow & Co gave us testers as a thank you gift an additional pattern of choice from the collection! So yesterday I whipped up my first pair of Kudzu cargos. The fabric I used for this project is recycled. Last summer I cut one of my jeans into shorts and the remaining legs went in my recycle stash. This summer little rascal and I will be wearing coordinated shorts.
The sewing went smooth and surprisingly fast. I expected to need more time but finished this pair in an afternoon with a lot of interruptions by both rascals and an intermission because the sun came out and we had to hit the playground. The ribbed waistband makes this pattern easy to sew and the fit is perfect (I made little rascal the size 2). They are also really sturdy, definitely a necessity around here (check out the worn down front of his shoes). I'll be making a lot more Kudzu shorts!

Kudzu cargo shorts (pattern Willow & Co)

Kudzu cargo shorts (pattern Willow & Co)

Kudzu cargo shorts (Willow & Co pattern)

back pockets

cargo pocket


  1. These look so cute and comfy! Great job!

  2. These look extremely durable for a kid! Very nice!


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