Sunday 17 August 2014

Summer treasure bags

I can't believe summer is over already, hope you all enjoyed it! Tomorrow it's back to school & work.
This weekend I updated our holiday journal with our camping adventures. I made the rascals little bags for their summer treasures because boys will be boys and they like collecting rocks, seashells, etc. Do you guys keep your holiday memorabilia?

holiday journal and treasure bags

summer treasure bags

Back to school also made me realise that big rascal is in desperate need of new clothes, somehow he has outgrown all his pants over the summer and the shorts wearing weather will soon be over. So next couple of weeks will probably be all about skinnies, joggers and cargopants over here. Willow & Co patterns is also hosting a back to school sewing contest, a good and fun motivation to get some necessary sewing done!

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  1. Leuk! Ben benieuwd naar al je broeken, en je nieuwe domein werkt keurig!


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