Friday 9 January 2015

A peek inside - restyling rascal's room

These last few weeks I've taken on a different kind of project. It was high time to do some restyling and decluttering of big rascal's bedroom. It has been quite the same for almost 5 years and I thought it would be fun to give it an update. After some searching on pinterest I found myself mostly drawn to the black & white children's room. My oldest is an easy, go with the flow kid and he was enthousiastic about all the changes and over the moon with the space and astronaut items that were added to his room (yep a huge spacefan at this moment).
So, are you ready for a peek inside our home? First let me give you a before picture of the room, cosy and colourful.

rascal's room before

I started by sorting out his toys and getting rid of the things he has outgrown. I changed his rug for a black and white one we still had in our garage. This swap instantly changed the look of the room. The little red Ikea table in the corner had to go and I used rascal's old crib matras to create a cosy reading corner there, together with some pillows I already had and some new ones. I drew the rocketship on old bedsheets with fabric paint, the back of the pillow is a curtain sample. The starry pillow is made with stamps and textile paint.

reading corner with homemade pillowsThe green grass wall got painted over in a light grey and the inside of the door is now chalk paint. The chalk paint was surprisingly easy to apply , I was a bit worried because the doors are covered with a coating wich makes it hard to paint, but it turned out fine. I read some tips on how to paint a chalkboard wall and realised it's very important to season the board once you've painted it, otherwise the first drawing will be imprinted in the paint. Want to know more, read this pin. The rascals are very pleased with this huge chalkboard.

chalkboard door
The moon poster is a free print from Mr Printables.
moonposter by Mr. printables

I also made a new garland with glow in the dark stars instead of the paper planes one hanging over his bed.

glow in the dark garlandIt was fun doing this little make-over, some small changes can make a big impact. Do you like restyling your home?

rascal's room after picture


  1. Leuk, met eenvoudige middelen veel resultaat!

  2. It looks great - love the chalkboard door - and the glow-in-the-dark garland is a fantastic idea!


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