Thursday 23 April 2015

Purple "rocking sweatpants" (Ottobre Design), #parissewsocial

How are you getting on this KCW, still going strong? I've got one final item to share with you this Kids Clothes Week. As mentioned earlier there's an exciting blog event happening this weekend so today I will be putting in my last hour of KCW sewing. Big rascal got a pair of sweatshirt shorts made with the Ottobre Design Rocking Sweatpants pattern (issue 1/ 2015).
Ottobre rocking sweatpants, sewn by huisje boompje boefjes

I must admit I've never sewn an Ottobre pattern before, it's all pdf patterns over here. But I went ahead, used my roll of Ikea paper and the tracing went really smooth, as did the sewing. These sweatpants are so easy to put together, the instructions weren't even necessary.

Rocking Sweatpants (Ottobre Design 2015 pattern) sewn by huisje boompje boefjes

I just made a tiny alteration to the pattern by shortening the legs to turn them into mid-calf shorts. I really like this sarouel look with a low crotch. My boy refuses to take them off because they're so nice and soft. I'll take that as a good sign, especially since it was very windy and chilly at the beach.

Rocking Sweatpants (Ottobre Design 2015 pattern) sewn by huisje boompje boefjes

So why this sudden jump towards magazine patterns? It's all due to this upcoming weekend. I'll be heading out to Paris to spent quality time with a bunch of fantastic ladies on a really fun blog event we named #parissewsocial (make sure to keep an eye out for this hashtag on my Instagram). I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone face to face! I'm sure we'll have a blast!

Curious who else is going? We will be with 14 women from 9 different European countries, all kids clothes bloggers.  Gioia from dotta (Italy), Sophie from C'est la vie (France), Nina from Fliegfederfrei (Switzerland), Maria from La Inglesita (Spain), Marta from Do Guincho (Portugal), Marte from Compagnie M. (Belgium), An from Straight Grain (Belgium), Nienke from Pienkel (Netherlands), Laura from Craftstorming (UK), Laura from Behind the Hedgerow (UK), Victoria from As it Seams (UK), Olu from Needle and Ted (UK), Annika from N√§h-Connection (Germany) and me.

And there's something in it for you too! We've got some fantastic companies sponsoring this blog event and we ended up with amazing goody bags for all of us and one you could win! (the Ottobre Design magazine is among them, aha!) There will be a give away for this goody bag over on the blogs of all the participants. More on this when we return, stay tuned!

sponsors parissewsocial* I received this pattern as a gift from our Paris Sew Social sponors. However all opinions are as always honest and my own. 


  1. Woohoo, ik heb er ZO'N zin in!

  2. Exciting! wishing you lots of fun in Paris!

    1. Thanks Maria! It sure is exciting, meeting everyone in real life.

  3. Those pants are awesome! I hope you all have an amazing time away!


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