Friday 19 June 2015

The Safari Raglan, a test for Titchy Threads

Today I get to show you yet another test I did for Titchy Threads. Testing for Laura is always a pleasure. The testing group is kind, fun and well organized. Questions are answered almost immediately and you always end up with some fantastic new clothes for the kids. 

Safari raglan pattern by Titchy Threads, sewn by Huisje Boompje BoefjesTitchy Threads newest pattern is a raglan tee, but lifted to the next level. There are a lot of raglan tees out there, so why should you need the Safari raglan? First (and to me most important), the fit of the tee. As in all Laura's patterns you'll find a thorough measurements table and the possibility to mix sizes in case your child doesn't fit in a regular size. For me this is perfect, especially with my slim 5 year old who normally wears a 3 or 4 in width and a 5 length. My youngest has a broad chest compared to his other measurements and I made him a 4 width, combined with a 3 in length.

Safari raglan pattern by Titchy Threads, sewn by Huisje Boompje BoefjesAnother good reason for wanting this pattern is the range of options. You can sew a short sleeved or a long sleeved raglan, with or without pocket, and the long sleeved version also provides a really fun gadget, making puppet sleeves! It's a shirt and a toy in one! Yay!
Last but not least (at least to you girl mama's out there), the pattern does not only contains a shirt, it's also a dress! And the dress has the same options as mentioned earlier for the shirt. How about that!

Safari raglan pattern by Titchy Threads, sewn by Huisje Boompje BoefjesOkay now let's talk pictures here. The raglan big rascal is wearing is from the early testing back in November. It's long sleeved and in his favorite colour, red! It looks as a classic raglan should be (at least in my book). Little rascal is wearing the short sleeved version with a pocket. The pocket is made from the same jersey as the neckband, both by Nosh Organics, as part of our #parissewsocial goodie bag. A really nice fabric in a gorgeous mustard yellow with a good stretch recovery. 

Safari raglan pattern by Titchy Threads, sewn by Huisje Boompje BoefjesWe took the pictures on our little boat. We're so lucky that the rascals just love to be out on the water (as do we) . We can be out all day and they don't get bored at all. Oh and for those of you concerned about safety... they only looked like the pictures above for a couple of quick shots, the rest of the day was like this. Life jackets at all times!

But that's not all, as soon as little rascal spotted the puppet sleeves he wanted a tee like that as well. So I made him another stripey raglan, paired with the musterd Nosh for sleeves and his all time favourite characters on them. Can you guess?

Safari Raglan with puppet sleeves, pattern by Titchy Threads, sewn by Huisje Boompje Boefjes

Yep, Dusty & Skipper from Planes.

So, just hop over to the Titchy Threads shop, get your Safari Raglan and start brainstorming on some fun puppet characters!


  1. Really like you fabric combinations :-)

  2. I adore your puppet sleeves Maartje!!

  3. Mijn zoon zou dit super vinden, mouwpoppen gaan er zeker komen deze herfst!

  4. The striped one with the yellow pocket is my fav. But all of them are really great. Especially so very well color-coordinated with the beautiful blue water, the white boat and the blue sky. no i'm not jealous, not at all...

    1. Ah that one is my favourite as well Annika! Yup, we definitely got lucky that day with the sky this blue :)

  5. Love all these tees, the colours are spot on and they look great on your boys. It must be so fun to have your own boat! The photos are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Laura! We had a great day out! It's a small boat, but so much fun, especially when we're sailing through the Amsterdam canals.


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