Saturday 10 October 2015

Goodall Cardigan, grunge style ( a free Petit a Petit pattern)

Petit a Petit patterns just released a new pattern, the Goodall Cardigan. A comfy slouchy vest, easy to sew, perfect for fall layering. And even better, Celina is offering the pattern for free! Wow!
Just join her FB group and start downloading!

For me, this pattern just screamed grunge look; the oversized cardigan, paired with a plaid button up, a tee, jeans and converse sneakers. Hello Kurt Cobain.

This version is 100% upcycled using one of Mr. Rascal's old sweaters. Based on the measurements table I made a size 3 with a 6 in length. Do make sure you use this table, I ended up with a perfect fit.

You can certainly tell it's upcycled  by the look of the sleeve cuffs, but I kind of like that worn look and just added an extra pair of cuffs on the inside.
And as much as I would love to take credit for the pockets, they're part of the original sweater too. I just arranged the pattern pieces so I could reuse them.

The elbow patches were necessary,  the sleeves of the sweater had some huge holes in them. This explains why they're  placed a bit high on the sleeves.

I think it's time we find our 5 year old a guitar teacher because he really enjoyed this shoot and made a lot of noise while we were at it.  Anyone wants a cracker?

* I just realised the entire look is handmade, jeans: small fry skinnies (pattern Titchy Threads), tee: safari raglan (pattern Titchy Threads), button up shirt: self drafted, upcycled* 


  1. Very cool outfit. I love almost everything you sew.

  2. Wat een leuk vest! Ik dacht ook meteen aan Kurt Cobain toen ik die eerste foto's zag :)

  3. That must be the coolest (and most comfy) cardigan ever!

  4. This is one of the coolest handmade looks that I've seen lately. Maybe it helps that I've always been such a Nirvana fan... hahahaha


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