Wednesday 18 May 2016

London calling, a bloggers weekend #londonsewsocial

Those of you following me on Instagram couldn't have missed it, the get together of 15 bloggers in London, the sequel to our Paris adventure last year. We chatted, laughed, walked around town and overcrowded the little London fabric shops with our presence.

So, where do sewing bloggers go when in London? First of all, we needed to find Liberty fabric. You can go to Liberty London on Regent Street or hit Shaukat (Old Brompton Road), they carry a fantastic amount of Liberty fabrics in their basement.
We also visited Simply fabrics (Atlantic Road) and Macculoch & Wallis (Poland Street). My personal favourite was just around the corner from Macculoch; the Cloth House on Berwick Street. I sure was tempted by all the beautiful blues they had in store.

the Cloth HouseWe talked about sewing, sewing and some more sewing but also learned things about eachother on a more personal note. Turns out we're all quite the coffee drinkers and the hunt for a decent cup in the morning wasn't taken lightly. And did you know there are people out there that don't care for the colour blue ;)

Want to know more about our londonsewsocial party? Do check out the blogs and makings of the talented ladies present.
Annika from Germany, blogging at Näh-connection, Gioia From Italy, blogging at Dotta Sews
Trine from Denmark, blogging at Groovybaby and Mama and Liesl from Oliver + S, currently living in Spain.
Then there was our Portugese delegation: Marta from Do Guincho, Andreia from In a Manner of Sewing  and Ines from La Folie Sewing Booth
The UK ladies were playing a home match; Olu from Needle and Ted, Toya from Made by Toya, Laura from Titchy Threads, Victoria from As it Seams and Maria from My Cozy Co.
And my Southern neigbours from Belgium, An from Straight Grain and Eva from By Eva Maria.

Last but certainly not least, we had an amazing group of sponsors spoiling us with fabric, patterns, spools of thread, wondertape, and so much more. So a big thank you to all of them!
And that's not just for us, there will be a give away with amazing prices for you too! Just stay tuned, because more news will follow!

londonsewsocial sponsors


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