Tuesday 23 January 2018

threefold Ziggy fun

Hey all, at has been a while since my last entry here. Are you still out there reading blogs? I realise IG is increasingly becoming my favourite social media. Can you relate?
But I can't totally ignore my little corner of the blogosphere, because this is where the fun started, right? So let's give it a go and see where 2018 will take us.

ziggy top (madeitpatterns)

My January started with a renewed love for my sewing machine and a renewed love for the Ziggy top by Madeit Patterns. It has been ages since I last made one, but this pattern really is the perfect blank canvas, you can let your creativity run wild and hack and add as much as you like. I ended up sewing three Ziggy tops. I added cuffs to all of them and did some sleeve colourblocking. The boys love these oversized boxy sweatshirts and so do I!

ziggy top (madeit patterns)

Okay, so, from left to right, first up a Ziggy for my youngest in Nosh Organics olive and navy sweatshirting and navy-vanilla striped ribbing. I added some colourblocking to the sleeves and that turned out pretty cool. I think I like this version best.

ziggy top (madeit patterns)
Number two is yet again made with Nosh fabrics in a plum-navy striped sweatshirting with navy ribbingHave I ever told you Nosh ribbing is just the best? Great quality, good stretch recovery, it makes sewing with knits so easy! My youngest is all about purple and blue, so he really loves this sweater.

ziggy top (madeit patterns)And my oldest got a Ziggy too, just plain and simple, yet oh so gorgeous in blue. I bought this sweatshirt material last year during Amsterdam Sew Social at the Albert Cuyp market (I forgot the storename, sorry) and finally used the last piece this month. The cuffs and neckband are yet again Nosh ribbing.

So there it is, kickstarting 2018 with a lot of sewing and even blogging. wow!

The fabric I used in this post on the first two sweaters was given to me by Nosh Organics as part of a co-operation, all opinions are as always honest and my own.


  1. I love seeing the sweatshirts you make for your boys because I know that they are always going to be 100% cool.

  2. I'm still reading blogs!
    And these sweatshirts: too cool <3

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