Friday 22 August 2014

Back to school sewing, Kudzu cargo pants & Ziggy top

One down, a lot more to go. The rascals are in desperate need of new clothes. I made a pair of Kudzu cargo pants for little rascal in a size 3. It's the second time I used this pattern by willow & co and this time I made an alteration to the waistband. Instead of ribbing I used a full elastic band. Unfortunately my elastic was 2cm smaller than the intended waistband so I added 2 cm to the other patternpieces to compensate. It worked out fine, they fit perfectly!
I paired the pants with the Ziggy top bij Madeit patterns. I really like this oversized, boxy silhouette. It's very comfy and to make it even better, also a very quick sew.

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top

knee pleats on the kudzu cargo pants

kudzu cargo pants with elastic waistband

kudzu cargo pants & ziggy top


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