Saturday 6 September 2014

Winter is coming, accessories pattern test

I was picked to test the new patterns by Mel from Filles a Maman. She made three patterns for fall/winter consisting of a beanie, cowl and mittens, in the size range 12 months to adult. Sewing for the whole family!
I tested a size S for big rascal in a sweater fabric combined with knits. All three tutorials are written clearly, with enough drawings to make the steps visual. The sewing itself went smooth, the cowl and beanie are both a very quick sew, I needed more time on the mittens because of the seperate little patternpieces and the lining, but still managed this in about an hour. The patterns are definitely suitable for all sewing levels.
I love the neat finish, you can easily wear the cowl and mittens reversed. The toggle on the cowl is a fun detail, it gives you the opportunity to make it pop with a contrasting colour.
Keep an eye out for these patterns here, they will be released next week and start out as a bundle sale.

cowl, beanie and mittens (pattern filles a maman)

cowl, beanie and mittens (pattern filles a maman)

cowl with toggle  (pattern filles a maman)

beanie (pattern filles a maman)

mittens (pattern filles a maman)

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  1. Wat leuk! Weer wat te onthouden... Vind de wanten echt prachtig!


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