Monday 31 August 2015

Madeit Fashion Week, presenting the Fold collection

Woohooo, Madeit Fashion Week is here! Today I finally get to show off all the patterns I've sewn up in the tester rounds for Olu and Anna. They made a wonderful collection of modern patterns for both girls and boys, inspired by Japanese Origami. I love the designs, they're quite different from other kids patterns out there. The tutorials stand out because it's written so friendly, warm and full of humour. It feels like you're sewing up the clothes together while chatting and having fun. It also has very clear step by step pictures and nice tips.

This post will be heavy on pictures (you're warned) but there's something in it for you too, just stay with me till the end of the post! Are you ready for the runway show? Here comes Fold!

First up, big rascal is wearing the Matrix Polo and Book Fold Trousers.

The polo has a fun diagonal design, great opportunity for colourblocking and a half exposed zipper.

The Book Fold Trousers are a spectaculair pair of pants, including a one piece back yoke with inner pockets, a diagonal fly and fold over cuffs.

To make it even beter, no zipper sewing! The diagonal fly closes with snaps. 

Now on to little rascal, waiting his turn to take place on the runway.

He's wearing the Kite Fold Tee and Oru Shorts. The shorts are an easy sew with an elastic waistband and fun faux backpockets.

The Kite Fold Tee is a straightforward tee, but different because of the diagonal lines and colourblock opportunities.The shirt has two ways to attach the neckband which makes it more appropriate for different sewing levels.

Go and get your favourite patterns over at the Madeit shop! Olu and Anna are offering a 20% discount during this fashion week, so grab this code and head over to the shop
20% OFF Madeit patterns

But that's not all! You can win a pattern of your choice each day during Madeit Fashion Week. All you have to do is correctly answer a question related to the Fashion Show that Madeit Patterns will post on Facebook or Instagram at random times of the day. The first person who correctly answers the question will win a pattern of their choice from the FOLD Collection.

And there's even more to win! A €50,- NOSH voucher could be yours as well! Just leave a comment over at Olu's at the end of the Fashion Week (Sunday the 6th) letting her know about your Madeit Fashion Week highlight.

Oh and please, let me know, what do you think of my origami skills :)

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  1. Great origami skills and great photoshoot. I love everything you made and I love how you added your unique huisje boompje boefjes style, Blue. Stripes. Boys. It's perfect.

    Thank you for being part of Madeit Fashion Week. I enjoyed your show immensely.

    1. Thanks Olu, loved testing for you girls and we did have some paper boat fun, we even made a big one we took out on the water, but those pictures didn't turn out good enough :)

  2. Die Kite Fold Tee had ik ook meteen gepind, jouw versie is echt heel leuk gecombineerd!

    1. Thanks! Het is heerlijk om met kleine restjes te matchen tot een leuk shirt :)

  3. Maartje your kids always look so cool, I love seeing what you make from our patterns, great colours, great photos and love the origami!! thanks so much for taking part in our Fashion Week :)

    1. Thanks Anna, I really enjoy the patterns you've designed. It's easy to look cool in them ;)


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