Thursday 27 August 2015

Getting back in the sewing saddle, fall season sewing

Hey everybody, did you enjoy your summer? It feels like ages since I was last behind my sewing machine and blogging stuff. We enjoyed a fantastic 3 week holiday in the South of France and back home the weather stayed nice and sunny for some additional weeks. But taking a look outside now it's clear this has changed. So I'm gearing up for fall; cleaned out the closets, made a to do list and gathered my fabric. Hi there sewing machine.. missed me?

Fox Safari Raglan sewn by huisje boompje boefjes

I started practical today, making longsleeves. My boys love wearing them, it's comfy, cool and they can dress themselves. You just can't go wrong with jeans and a longsleeve.

Fox Safari Raglan sewn by huisje boompje boefjes
One shirt got finished already, it's a Safari Raglan (pattern by Titchy Threads). The cute fox fabric I bought at Joy Fits.

Fox Safari Raglan sewn by huisje boompje boefjesSo that's one down, a lot more to go! Did you start sewing for the fall season already?


  1. Leuke longsleeve! Hier is vandaag ook het eerste herfstnaaisel gemaakt. Ook een longsleeve, perfect om er weer in te vliegen. Vanaf nu go!go!go! want niets past meer :)

    1. Ideaal he? Inderdaad een lekker makkelijk en vlot begin. Jij ook succes met de herfstnaaisels!

  2. Leuk shirt! Vandaag ook long sleeves genaaid, het werd echt super warm vandaag blijkbaar, dan neemt de herfst naai motivatie wel af :)


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