Friday 13 November 2015

DIY Sinterklaas crafts & decorations, a post by popular demand

It's that time of year again! The months of November and December are packed with a whole range of festivities and I love to make home decorations accordingly. We just had Sint Maarten (when the kids go door to door with their lanterns, singing and receiving candy) and now we're ready for Sinterklaas (or Sint Nicolaas to be more formal) arriving by boat from Spain tomorrow and building up to what we call "pakjesavond" on the 5th when Sint leaves a bag of presents on our doorstep (because we're lacking a chimney that's big enough).

Sinterklaas silhouetteI made a fun silhouette for the shelves in our living room.The idea came from Pinterest (check out my holiday decorations board) and I just love the simplicity. It's easy and fast; get your black paper and a stanley knife, draw the houses and cut them out. Searching the internet got me quite some Sint silhouettes to print, I chose this one here. Stick the houses on the wall with tape, place the Sint on top and you're done!

To keep track of the days I always make a little countdown calendar for the rascals (oh and I just realised we're one day behind already)

Sinterklaas countdown calendar

To add to the fun the reading corner in the boys room turned Sinterklaas only, I discovered we've quite a lot of books covering this theme.

Sinterklaas themed reading corner

I'm also working on a surprise school project, we're rebuilding the steamer and of course Sint and his Pieten will be on board. This means making a lot of little toilet paper rolls men. It's quite enjoyable actually, thinking up all the little details.

toilet paper role Sint & PietenAnd of course, there's dress up, The rascals are ready with their Pieten outfits. The hats are bought this year, the pants are homemade using the aviator pants pattern.

Pieten costumes

Oh and look, there he is, the man himself! Well in this case, the man of my house, meet Mr. Rascal in his role as deputy Sint. (Sorry husband, I just couldn't resist :) )

So tell me, do you celebrate Sinterklaas and go all out on decorations?


  1. haha leuk allemaal! Ik moet de sinterklaasboeken ook maar eens tevoorschijn halen.

  2. Ziezo laat die stoomboot maar komen, jij bent er helemaal klaar voor zo te zien!

  3. Ik ben helemaal dol op jouw boekenrek. Hier blijven de boeken al te vaak gewoon in de kast liggen.
    In België vieren we de Sint op 6 december, hij brengt alles 's nachts, wij kennen geen pakjesavond. We gaan er dus wel helemaal in mee, maar enkel de kinderen!

    1. Thx! Het boekenrek is officieel een bordenrek, Ik vind het ideaal dat de kids meteen kunnen zien wat er staat, ze gaan zo ook vaak zelf aan het lezen. Grappig om te horen dat bij jullie de Sint viering toch weer net even anders is.

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