Wednesday 30 December 2015

My year-end list, 2015 it's a wrap!

Hi everyone, hope you're not getting tired of year-end lists?  If so, please feel free to skip this post :) I've done quite some new and exciting sewing related things this year, so on the verge of 2016 I give you my 2015 wrap up.

First up, there was this email by Celina and Jessica (the creative minds behind Stylo), wondering if I would be interested in participating the Summer Stylo issue. Wow, that's an honour! I've been jumping up and down that entire day. My challenge was to make an outfit with a fabric for the 1 fabric -5 ways item. I loved this challenge and the totally different styles of the five makers. Participating in Stylo also made me think more about photoshoots and I tried to do more shootings for the blog outside on different locations. Did you notice?

Well, all great things start with an email,  Annika from Näh connection contacted me at the beginning of 2015, wondering if I would be interested in a European blogger meeting together with some fantastic creative ladies. Yes yes yes! We had months of anticipation and giggly fun and finally we were all there, Paris Sew Social was real. Thanks girls for this fantastic weekend, It was so nice meeting you all and hope to see you all again soon at the second edition!
And that's not all, we had a great group of sponsors for this event, check out my makings so far with these sponsored goodies.

1 Rocking sweatpants Ottobre, 2 Rowan tee in Nosh Organics by Joyfits 3 Juba Shorts by Imagine Gnats 4 Hiekka Skirt in Lillestof 4 Hosh pants by LBC 5 Everyday Skirt in Lillestoff 6 Safari Raglan in yellow Nosh Organics and blue jersey by Mondepot 7 Safari Raglan in panda's by Alles für selber machen 8 Morokko shorts in Atelier Brunette fabrics sponsored by Bernina, 8 Hosh Pants by LBC, 9 Rocking sweatpants Ottobre, 9 Mulberry Tunic by Kid Approved for Willow+Co in Nutta fabric 10 Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates, 11 Hosh Pants by LBC, 12 Throw blanket in Atelier Brunette fabric sponsored by Bernina, 13 Hosh Pants by LBC

This year was again packed with pattern tests, blogtours and challenges like Kids Clothes Week. One of the highlights for me was testing the boys part for the collection Fold by Madeit Patterns.
We had a nice little testing community, Olu and Anna are just the best and their designs fantastic. Read more about the testing and the Madeit Fashion Week they organised here.

Scrolling through my pictures and blogposts I wasn't quite sure how to collage the rest of my makings, I did so much it's insane. Well you've got to start somewhere, so I just arranged them chronological and decided I won't wear you out by adding all descriptions and links to the blogposts, the list would be too long.

I'm looking forward to starting a new year with new challenges and I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading my blog from time to time. I wish you all a good, fun and creative 2016!


  1. Impressive events! I enjoyed following along all of them!

  2. I loved this! I so wish I could have come out to the Paris Social. My mother did migrate to the US when she was 18 so I somewhat count as European right??? ;) You always make such incredible things. I loved seeing them all together!

    1. Aaw thanks so much Karly! And yes, that totally counts! And you are very Dutch in length ;) I would love to meet you, who knows, someday.....

  3. So much amazingness here!! Beautiful sewing and fabulous photography, too!! Love it all!

  4. so many cool things in here...

  5. Wat een productiviteit. Leuk om het zo allemaal bij elkaar te zien. Op naar een goed 2016!

  6. Indrukwekkend! Ook voor jou een fijn 2016!

  7. Wow, impressive! Wondering what adventures 2016 might bring!
    Happy New Year


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