Monday 22 August 2016

Back to school sewing, the Ottobre free motion pants

Hey all, how was your summer? We had a wonderful time camping in France and really recharged our batteries. The rascals are ready to start a new school year, but their wardrobe is not.....
I just checked and somehow during this summer they either grew out of all their stuff, or wrecked them, because now we're only left with cut off jeans and tees.

free motion pants (Ottobre Design)
Back to school sewing to the rescue! I've got quite a list planned, but started simple with an Ottobre Design pattern from the latest issue (4/2016).

free motion pants (Ottobre Design)

The Free Motion Pants is the perfect blank canvas. It's a straightforward harem pants pattern with only two patternpieces on which you can let your imagination run wild.

free motion pants (Ottobre Design)I made mine with a drawstring, but I think I'll sew inserted pockets in my next pair, or maybe a kangaroo pocket.

free motion pants (Ottobre Design)
Big rascal gives me green light whatever I decide, as long as he gets more of these comfy pants!


  1. Wat een geweldig leuke, stoere jongensbroek! En even stoere foto's!

  2. I really like these pants. Look pretty cool! What fabric did you use?


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