Tuesday 18 October 2016

Pajama Party, Wolf pattern, Zonen09

In our part of the country fall break has started. A whole week for walks in the woods, hot cocoa, autumn crafts and of course overnighters at the grandparents. And during this slow pace week, I'm enjoying some extra sewing hours.

Wolf pj's, pattern by zonen09

I made the rascals new pj's to take with them to the grandparents. Pajamas are among my favourite items to sew. They get a lot of wear and it's just so nice seeing the boys all snug in their homemade jammies.
Wolf pj's, pattern by zonen09

These are made with the Zonen09 pattern "Wolf". I decided on the regular pants and shirt version, but the pattern also comes with a jumpsuit option and a cape. How fun is that!
Wolf pj's, pattern by zonen09

I managed some serious scrapbusting, using the last pieces of my striped fabric and upcycling some old tees and a baby sling. It always feels good to make something new out of old items and little leftover pieces!


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