Wednesday 12 October 2016

A tiny hoodie for a tiny person, Sara's online babyshower

Surprise Sara! Welcome to your online babyshower! Congrats on your little baby boy, I hope everything goes well!

lapped infant hoodie

Hey all, as you can see, we're celebrating a new baby boy, the latest of Made By Sara's makings.
It didn't take me long the come up with a fun tiny project, because everyone needs a hoodie, right?
I used the free lapped infant hoodie pattern I pinned ages ago. It's a size 0-3 months and because of the lapped front, easy to put on little newborns.

lapped infant hoodie
The fabric is my last piece of the Pretty Panda's by Poppy, and for those of you paying close attention, yes I made something quite similar before. The fabric was gifted to us for #londonsewsocial and unfortunately Sara couldn't make it back then (due to this little guy).
Sara I really hope to meet you in real life next edition! But for now, enjoy our online party and keep an eye on your mailbox, this hoodie is on it's way to you!

lapped infant hoodie


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