Sunday 8 January 2017

Screenprinting all the things!

I've found a new hobby! Better than sewing? Well just as good. Thanks to Bobbinhood I discovered the joy of screenprinting your own fabric. Yep I realise this can become very addictive. I predict you'll be seeing a lot of screenprinted fabrics here this new year.

Wolf pyjama, pattern by Zonen09
Oh my, a new year! Beste wishes to all of you! 2017 has started and I'm still a bit in denial with a couple of 2016 makes I didn't blog yet and the annual "what did I make this year" summery that I completely forgot to do. Let's just start by showing the latest pair of Wolf pyjamas (pattern Zonen09).

Wolf pyjama, pattern by Zonen09

It's an upcycle, using the sling I carried the boys around in when they were little and an old black tee. It's so nice to be able to turn the sling into something new! The raincloud pattern was easy to draw, cut and print. Just a small effort and tadaaaa, a tiny dent in my upcycle stash and something new and one of a kind in the closet, perfect!

Wolf pyjama, pattern by Zonen09


  1. You were my last drop (pun intended) I bought the set, but have not started yet. Ik also kept my sling, I had been planning to sell it. I saw that they go for 15 euro's on Marktplaats, so I alo put it in my upcycle stash ;)

    1. Haha, I had the same experience with the sling, I was planning on selling it too. Looking forward to your prints!

  2. Awesome upcycle indeed! I did quite some fabric screenprinting in college, loved it back then, so now the kit is definitely getting a place on my birthday wishlist...


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