Tuesday 7 February 2017

A knight's party, fun & games

Hey all, how are you? We're still recovering from the invasion of 10 little knights this weekend.
My youngest had his first real birthday party and I have been pretty busy setting it all up. Followers of my instagram account have seen some of the preparations already. I'm sure glad for a little something called Pinterest (just check my birthday inspiration board ).Today I'm doing a little round up post, in case you ever need to throw a knights party!

knight party invitations
The invitation idea came from pinterest, you can find these little castles in all shapes and sizes (I pinned this one) and they're very easy to make with some cardboard and markers.

To kick off the party, I made a whole bunch of tunics for the kids to wear and to take home with them afterwards.  I have to give credits to Ikea for the perfect fleeceblankets with the scalloped edges! This made my life a lot easier, although it still took me longer then I had imagined. Luckily these were a huge success, so definitely worth the effort!

knight tunics for a birthday party

All dressed up the knights started on their quest, first to capture the ring of the giant with a lance.
After that they had to make it through the deep dark forest, a game that was well received last year at my oldest his ninja party (of course it wasn't a forest but laserbeams at that party).

knight party games

Next stop, slaying the dragon. I made the head of the dragon out of egg cartons (thanks to this pin) and the body consists of balloons with confetti, one for each kid to pop. I'm still discovering confetti in the weirdest places around the house.

knight party games, slaying the dragon

knight party games, slaying the dragon
After these games the kids got to paint their own shields. With a special thanks to Mr. Rascal who did all the handy work. Just get some mdf boards and wooden handles at your construction store and you're done.

knight party, painting shields

Finish the party with a treasure hunt in the playground and you have one bunch of satisfied and tired 5 year olds!


  1. Ik deed ook al een ridderfeestje, met dezelfde uitnodigingen. Ridders en jongens, een topcombinatie!

  2. Tof! We gingen afgelopen weekend naar een abdijmuseum in de buurt, waar de zoon een opblaaszwaard kreeg. Nu wil hij graag een ridderpak en toevallig heb ik nog wel n Ikea-dekentje liggen, merci voor de inspiratie!!


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