Saturday 7 February 2015

Naaikrans 2,0 fabric decoration sew along, the winner

In between all the Kids Clothes Week upcycling I've been doing, I've got a different kind of post for you. Maybe you remember the new (Dutch speaking) facebookgroup Naaikrans 2.0 we started.
We're a month in and already got over 200 members and an enthousiastic and contributing crowd,
it's really fun!

We held a little sew along the first month, themed fabric decorations and Pienkel and I did a miniserie on different fabric decoration techniques to get the creativity flowing. Let me show you an overview of the items I made for the series.

Today we're revealing the entry that stood out the most. The entries were scored on style, originality and the level of difficulty of the used techniques. And the winner this month is:

Christmas dress by Multivroon
Picture by Multivroon

Multivroon with her Christmas dress. Congrats! I love the fact that her daughter had a part in the project. They potato stamped and stencilled it together, how nice. 
I think I might try that with big rascal someday. How about you, do you get your kids involved in sewing projects? 


  1. Bedankt, leuk zeg! Het was ook erg leuk om te doen!

  2. Heel verdiende winst!! :-)
    Voorlopig gaat de betrokkenheid van mijn kindjes nog niet veel verder dan "Mama, wil je dit of dat voor me maken?" en ze komen ook wel eens mee op mijn schoot zitten kijken als ik aan het naaien ben. De oudste van de drie is er dan ook nog maar net 4, dus volgens mij komt dat wel nog!!


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