Friday, 27 March 2015

4 kids Easter crafts, tested and approved

With Easter just around the corner we had a crafty mess over here making spring decorations. The rascals love everything that involves paint and they dived right in. So what did we make?

Clucking chicken
We started out by making a couple of new clucking chicken. This is something I did with my mother when I was little, so it's fun to make them with my boys now. It only involves empty cans,  paper and a piece of string and best of all, when you're done, they really make a clucking noice when pulling the string. I did a tutorial on them last year, you can find it here.

clucking chicken, diy kids Easter craft

Tulip painting
Making a tulip painting is easy and the boys really enjoyed it. Just stamp a paint dipped fork on paper and you immediately have the shape of a tulip. I found this one last year on pinterest and it's good for at least a half hour of fun.

tulip painting, kids craft

Egg carton daffodils
Something the boys have been asking to make for quite some time now is the egg carton daffodil. There is a tutorial inside our egg cartons on how to make these little flowers and as soon as big rascal spotted this he wanted to make some. You do need a bit of patience between the painting and assembling of the daffodils. The load of paint they applied took a long time to dry.

diy egg carton daffodils
diy egg carton daffodils
Crayon egg dyeing
A new craft (well new to me) I found on pinterest is to boil a couple of eggs and start drawing on them with crayons while they are still warm. The crayons melt a little, making the drawing easier. I love that this is craft is mess free while little rascal still had a lot of fun. White eggs would probably work better though. But a nice alternative to painting the eggs.

egg painting with crayonsSo, did you make Easter decorations with your kids? Please share, I always love to add a new craft to our repertoire!


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