Monday, 23 March 2015

Just add detail, the Ziggy top challenge by Madeit Patterns

Goodmorning! Did you all have a good weekend? I'm starting this week by sharing a really fun post. Olu and Anna from Madeit patterns came up with a great challenge and I'm so glad they asked me to sew along! So today I get to  reveal my "just add detail" challenge entry! What's the idea? Sew up the Ziggy top and just add detail to make it unique, you can read more about the challenge over at Olu's.
The Ziggy top is a tee with a boxy silhouet, a bit slouchy (in a good way) and very comfy. I made three ziggies already and you just can't go wrong with this pattern.

For the challenge my mind went all over the place, I was thinking of a dancing in the streets version combining the ziggy top and the jagger jeans I won over at Toya's. Unfortunately sewing time ran a bit short over here the past few weeks and I just couldn't squeeze in a pair of jeans. But I promise this outfit will happen sometime this year! It's just too fun not to :)

Instead I went for a spring Ziggy. This is the size 3 on my little rascal.

So what details are added? I kept it simple because I wanted to keep the original silhouet of the top instead of completely flipping the pattern, I just like it too much as it is already :). So this version is made out of super soft sweatshirt fabric, adding colour blocking and topstitching.

And I shortened the sleeves and added a hood.

I love how this sweatshirt turned out! And for those of you wondering about the shorts, they are the bucket shorts, blogged here.

Want to make your own Ziggy top? You can get the pattern with a 20% discount starting today till the 29th of March. Go check it out in the Madeit pattern shop!

And now I'm off to check out the other entries to this challenge, Olu did a great round-up over at Needle and Ted. I'm so curious to see what everyone made!


  1. I love it! (So much better than my color blocked version. :) ) The colors are great! And the hood is a perfect detail!

  2. Hoods are a perfect addition to almost any pattern. Your color blocking is very well chosen.

  3. Lovely! it is really a very nice idea. I think the color choice is brilliant and adding the hood is the cherry on the top of the cake.

  4. That fabric looks lovely and your hood is just oversized enough to go perfectly with the feel of the ziggy. I agree that the silhouette is so nice on its own so this color blocking is a great detail!

  5. Another perfect huisje boompje boefjes creation. Looks fab with those bucket shorts. ♥

  6. That colour blocking is just great, makes the short sleeve look perfect, I really love it, simple and fantastic

  7. A really cute boy version - you would never know that the hood was not part of the original pattern, it fits so well :)

  8. Great work! The hoodie goes so well with the look. Your color blocking looks so professional!

  9. That fabric looks lovely and your hood is just oversized enough to go perfectly with the feel of the ziggy..


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