Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spring is really here! A new study hall jacket for big rascal

It seems like spring is really here to stay. The weather was just perfect today, I even sat on the bench in front of our house without a coat on! (for those of you still buried in snow, I do feel for you!).
This weather calls for a new summer jacket for big rascal since he has really outgrown the study hall jacket I made him last year (luckily it fits little rascal perfectly, so that jacket has been given a second life). I decided on making another study hall jacket (pattern by Andrea Pannell for go to patterns) with a minor adjustment to the length, this time I added a couple of centimetres because last years jacket was just a little on the short side.

study hall jacket - huisje boompje boefjesSomehow sewing just didn't agree with me today. I had trouble with the waistband and the zipper but I really wanted to finish it. It's time to put the winterjackets away. From the pictures you can tell the waistband is still pulling the fabric a bit in the corners.

study hall jacket - huisje boompje boefjesSo not a perfect sew but I do love it, especially the fabric combination! The grey, the stripes and a white flannel lining inside. The grey fabric is an old curtains from my sister, so another point for upcycling!

study hall jacket - huisje boompje boefjes

And rascal? Well he can easily play in it, so all is well!
study hall jacket - huisje boompje boefjesstudy hall jacket - huisje boompje boefjes


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