Friday 10 April 2015

Skirt day, the Everyday Skirt part two

With the temperature hitting 19 degrees Celsius today it's Skirt day! I'm not sure this phenomenon is internationally known or just Dutch, but it's how we call the first day in spring when you can go out wearing a skirt with bare legs. (Can someone enlighten me, does this exist outside the Netherlands?) To celebrate I made another Everyday Skirt (pattern Liesl+Co). I can sense this pattern becoming my staple sew this summer. With the knowledge I gained making the first version I now did a size M and lengthened it.

Everyday skirt (pattern Liesl + Co) sewn by huisje boompje boefjes

And I'm still very excited about the pockets!

Everyday skirt (pattern Liesl + Co)

And now we're off, getting those legs tanned by the sun!


  1. Leuke rok en mooie blauwe stof. Staat mooi met zwart en ja mooi weer vandaag! Jippie

  2. Ja klopt, is typisch Nederlands. In het leven geroepen door een of andere schrijver, meen ik. Maar dit is wel een superexemplaar voor rokjesdag. Korenbloemblauw, prachtig.


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