Wednesday, 24 June 2015

In a Troika through Siberia, a wolf costume, Kids Clothes Week Summer 2015

It was teacherday at school today, that one day a year all the teachers celebrate their birthday. The kids can come to school dressed up and it's all fun and games.

This year's theme is fairy tales and big rascal knew immediately what his costume should be; red riding hood's wolf! So I made him a pair of ears and a tail from sweaterfabric and attached those to elastic bands. Paired with his rocking sweatshorts and omni tempore sweater he just needed a bit of face paint to be ready.

diy wolf costume
diy wolf costume

While making this costume I caught myself thinking of the "dodenrit" a song by cabaret artist, writer and poet Drs. P. It's a song about travelling with a troika trough Siberia, being chased by wolves. I found a translation for the non-Dutch among you here. So this is a not so summery, but still KCW theme sewing entry with a wink. Want to sing along too? Check this youtube video .

diy wolf costume


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